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2018-02-26T13:06:00Z (C) Caralyn Ing, Photography Caralyn Ing, Photography Instructions for Sellers
  • De-clutter and remove the following items: valuables, medications, items belonging to pets, things under beds, things behind doors, things stuck to refrigerators, trash cans, gardening tools, and vehicles from view
  • Clean and dust well
  • Replace any burned out bulbs or any that are not daylight in colour, if possible
  • Wash windows both inside and out
  • Hide power bars and cords out of sight where possible
  • Arrange furniture so that small rooms look as spacious as possible
  • Close toilet seat lids
  • Put out the best towels, neatly folded
  • Make the beds with fresh, clean linen
  • Neatly arrange outdoor items such as furniture and play equipment
  • Neatly coil water hoses
  • If in season, uncover grills, pools, spas, and hot tubs
  • Open all blinds and drapes to let in as much natural light as possible
  • Turn all lights and fans off
Caralyn Ing, Photography (C) Caralyn Ing, Photography 2017-08-19T04:41:53Z 2017-08-19T04:41:53Z