Terms of Service

The photographer will shoot the property as is upon arrival. As such, we urge the Client or owner of the property to thoroughly de-clutter prior to our arrival. We do not erase things from photos that could have been improved at the home. We do not clean, tidy up, stage or dress up rooms, re-arrange or move furniture, or enter premises if dog is loose.

We have the right to cancel the shoot if dangerous animals are not properly contained on the premises. Client will be charged $60 plus any travel fees in such a case.

If the photographer arrives to the property and does not have access to shoot the property within a reasonable time, Client will be charged $60 plus any travel fees.

Photos and tours are delivered electronically the morning of the following business day. Printed material is delivered the following business day, after print approval has been received.

Cancellations must be received no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled property shoot via email. Canceling within 24 hours of a booked appointment is subject to a fee of $60.

If, for any reason, the Client chooses not to complete the order with the current listing (e.g. due to the sale of the property), the portion of unused services is transferable up to one year. No refunds.

Travel fees, fees for extra trips, and delivery fees may be applicable. Taxes apply to all services. Prices subject to change.